Signs Your Michigan Yard Needs a Fall Clean-Up

In Michigan, the toughest part about giving your lawn what it needs is making sure it happens when the cold front comes early! While some areas are cooler, Michigan often struggles with below normal temperatures early in the year. When this time of year hits, everyone struggles to stay on task. With Erebus opening for the haunted season, the excitement of getting your Halloween costume together, the rush of the Black Friday sales, and many other things, there is much to distract us from our lawn’s needs.pile of leaves

But with the beautiful Michigan trees shedding their scenic foliage, and the rain that seems like it comes in tidal waves, our lawns likely need care now more than ever. That’s why fall clean-ups are something that most Michiganders should consider to ensure the health and wellness of their lawns this year.

Leaf Build-Up

If you are a Michigan native, you know that the trees are some of the prettiest things about our state. This becomes even more apparent when they change colors and fall in the cool-season weather. While we enjoy it visually, it is not great for the health and wellness of our turf. When the beautiful leaves pile up or are raked into a large pile and left to sit for a while (let’s face it, we all do it) it can have negative effects on our turf. The lawn will be blocked from the sunlight and it will begin to die. Additionally, blocked sunlight never allows built-up moisture to dry, leaving water on our grass for an extended period of time. When this happens, it can lead to thatch development.

Eliminating Thatch Build-Uplawn thatch

Thatch is terrible for your lawn. It is basically the accumulation of dead grass, dead leaves, and other random things that come together at the top layer of your turf. It mostly occurs when debris, like leaves and grass clippings, stay on your turf long enough without the chance to break down properly. It’s also an issue that is directly correlated to leaf build-up, which is why it is so bad for your lawn in the first place. Thatch build-up can happen at any time of the year but is often known to occur in the fall due to fallen foliage.

Ready for Your Lawn to Have a Clean-Up This Season? Call PPM Landscape Contractors for Your Needs!

There is no one better or more knowledgeable about the area than the team at PPM Landscape Contractors, LLC! We can take care of all your needs as soon as you choose to take control of your Michigan lawn. We live and work in the area of Southeast Michigan, so you can rest assured we are the right ones for the job.

Are you ready to care for your lawn all year long? Give us a call at (877) 454-8733 or go ahead and reach out to us through our online forum, located here. We’re happy to help you with your fall lawn clean-up, or with any other of the services that we offer, which you can find here.

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