It’s the middle of winter, the holidays are over, and many of us didn’t get to celebrate them properly because of the on-going pandemic. If you’re feeling stuck at more than usual this winter, try adding some cozy vibes with fire. And the best part? You can order firewood delivery!

Create A Cozy Space With Firewood

There is so much in life we can’t control, and the coronavirus pandemic is one of them. It’s easy to become overwhelmed or feel helpless, especially in winter, when we Michiganders are dealing with the usual Seasonal Effective Disorder (S.A.D). Looking for ways to bring comfort and joy into the season this year will help keep your chin up through this difficult time. What better way to keep the winter cold at bay than a good fire? Many of us have fireplaces we haven’t touched in years. Now’s the time to dust them out and get cozy. Research shows that doing activities we enjoy, especially outdoors, helps alleviate symptoms of S.A.D.

Types Of Firewood

When deciding on firewood, there are four qualities to consider: hardwood or softwood, and seasoned or unseasoned wood. Each offers different benefits depending on where and how often you’re burning them.

Hardwood Firewood

Hardwood tends to burn at hotter temperatures for longer periods of time. Plus, they produce less smoke and therefore are not as likely to accumulate resin or other debris in your chimney. As such, hardwood is the better choice for indoor fireplaces or wood burning stoves. Being cleaner and of higher quality, hardwood is a bit more expensive than softwood. Some examples of tree species designated as hardwood include:

  • Alder
  • Ash
  • Beech
  • Hickory
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Teak
  • Walnut
  • Cottonwood
  • Elm
  • Balsa
  • Locust
  • Poplar
  • Willow
  • Sycamore
Softwood Firewood

Softwood is produced by evergreen trees like Fir, Juniper, Redwood, Spruce, Yew, and Pine. They burn faster and leave smaller ash particles than hardwoods, which means easier sweeping when the fire dies down. However, softwood contains more sap, and burning this resin can create clogs in your chimney. Therefore, you may want to opt for softwood for outdoor bonfires. Softwoods are more affordable than hardwoods, though, so if you plan on having weekly or even daily fires inside, it may be more economical than purchasing clean-burning hardwood.

Seasoned vs. Unseasoned Wood

No, these logs haven’t been rolled in salt and pepper like a good steak. Seasoned wood means the logs have been set out to dry for a long time and, therefore, won’t have any moisture. Consequently, they’ll light quickly, burn clean, and give off that amazing firewood aroma. As you may have surmised, unseasoned wood has been cut down more recently and hasn’t dried out yet. It may be harder to light this kind of wood, and you should expect a lot of smoke. As such, unseasoned wood is the better choice for outdoor fire pits where there is ample room for the smoke to escape.

Note: Never burn wood that has been treated with any chemicals like varnish, lacquer, or paint – even outdoors! Only use untreated, designated firewood, or wood from a tree you’ve cut down yourself and, therefore, can be certain was not treated.

How To Store Firewood

As soon as your firewood is delivered, stack it – preferably in an outdoor firewood rack or shed. You should avoid storing firewood indoors as you never know what critters may have tagged along for the ride. Once you’ve got your wood stacked, make sure it’s protected from rain either from the rack roof or a waterproof tarp. These will allow unseasoned wood to dry faster and keep your seasoned wood in optimal condition all winter long.

Get Firewood Delivery Right To Your Door – Call PPM Landscaping Contractors


We’re pleased to offer a firewood delivery service of 50 lbs. bags to the Westland, Livonia, and Canton, MI areas. Whether you’ve got a lovely indoor fireplace or an outdoor fire pit for roaring bonfires, we’ll keep your firewood rack stocked all season long so you can beat the COVID blues this winter. Call (877) 454-8733 or contact us online to schedule a delivery. For more landscaping tips, ideas, and service offerings, be sure to check out our monthly blog!